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Pick a Persona & Energy Check-In

Publish Date 3.5.24

In this episode, the Happier Ladies share a confidence strategy involving celebrities and they check in on their happiness revisited projects. 

Links and Photos:

A Stay in Touch Hack and Questions to Know Yourself Better

Publish Date 2.28.24

In this episode, the Happier Ladies share questions from Gretchen to help you know yourself better and they share a thing that pleases them and helps them stay in touch. 

Links and Photos:

Things That Please Us

Publish Date 2.21.24

In this episode, the Happier Ladies give an update on determination day and then they share a list of things that please them and their listeners.

Links and Photos:

What Pleases Us…


Vintage handkerchiefs



Pretty paper things

Whoops i did it again you tube channel

Animals in their pet beds

Ikea catalog (vintage)

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