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Update on 23 for 2023

Publish Date10.03.23

With 100 days left until the new year the Happier Ladies review progress made on their 23 for 2023 lists



Happier in Hollywood: Episode 332 Liz and Sarah discuss the work of connecting with the characters in the novel they’re writing, how to close a pitch, and the joy of fridge organizers.

Happier: Episode 448 Start Your 100 Day Countdown, Try the Library, and a Deep Dive into Issues for Rebels and School: ADHD & College

Segment 1

Azizi and Malika discuss their list for 2023


Peak- ( Azizi ) Decorating for fall

Valley- (Malika ) The mental load of being a working parent

Happier Ladies Show Notes Episode 1

Welcome to Happier Ladies, Pick a Lucky Number and September is the other January

Publish Date: 9.26.23

Description: In this episode the Happier Ladies discuss highlights from Happier and Happier in Hollywood, discuss the opportunity to start fresh in September, and share the boost of picking a lucky number


Happier Ep. 444: Benefit from Tools You Already Use, a Gift Idea, and Traditions for the Other “New Year”


On Happier (Ep #447) they discussed protecting your privacy, what’s the least you thing you do and giving a meaningful compliment- this made me think of a time I got a compliment at work.

On More Happier they covered Liz’s obliger rebellion and feelings about spoilers.

On Happier in Hollywood (Ep #331), Liz and Sarah discussed turning a chore into a pleasure & setting a new goal.

From the Archives

September is the other January- Azizi discusses her rituals around the other new year

Happiness Boost

Malika shares her happiness boost of picking a lucky number


Malika - Peak- Watching her parents interact with he son

Azizi - Valley- not embracing the act of driving my daughter to social functions

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